Our story so far…

Our vision

Companies talking about a vision or mission can sometimes sound insincere. In our case, we really believe in the journey we’ve embarked on.  Our mission:

…is to help millions of families spend less time and money on their household admin, so that they can spend more on the things that they love.

Like… playing with the kids… or going away on that holiday you’ve been dreaming about… or base-jumping… or taking the dog for a drive. (See, the dog on our home page does make sense!)

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A smarter way to manage household admin

“What if we coiuld create a digital P.A. for household admin?”

Onedox was borne out of frustration from realising how much time and money is wasted in dealing with and overpaying for household utilities.

Everyday services we spend a lot of money on – like energy, Internet, TV packages, car and home insurance contracts all come with minimum contract terms, prices that can increase over time, and charges that can vary due to consumption. Traditionally, we have had to unsatisfactory options for how we manage these vital accounts:

1. Regularly spend free time reviewing post, emails, logging in to online accounts and apps to understand the contracts we have in place and why we are being charged what we are being charged. All this manual trudging is usually accompanied by spreadsheet, diary and calendar entries, so we know when to go and check if we are still on the right tariffs and have the right coverage in place.

2. Bury our heads in the sand, and hope that the services we receive in the home aren’t too expensive. People in this category (like me) feel that they are probably paying too much money, but aren’t prepared to spend the time manually managing all of this admin.

So, back in 2015 three friends (and former colleagues) Dave, Rick and Hugh started asking ourselves..

What if we could create a digital P.A. for household admin that would:

– show all of your household admin all in one place;
– automatically file your documents; – automatically let you know when you needed to know things (like MOT due date, when you should switch energy tariff, insurance renewal dates); and
– helped you make sure that you were always on the right tariffs and contracts?

The three amigos

So, back in 2015 three friends (and former colleagues) Dave, Rick and Hugh started working to ask some serious questions:

What if there was a simple way that to have visibility on all your household admin, that automatically filed your documents and made sure that you were always on the right tariff?

The journey so far

” We’ve assembled a crack team of technologists and product experts, who are passionate about creating an exceptional service”

What started out as an idea in Dave’s lounge is now an award-winning service loved by over fifteen thousand families who use Onedox to take the pain out of their household admin.

Onedox has downloaded over 500,000 bills and documents and already helps its customers manage over £20M a year in household spend.

Aided by a first round of external funding in June 2016, we’ve assembled a crack team of technologists and product experts, who are passionate about creating an exceptional service for our customers, and informed by their feedback.

As well as getting great reviews from our customers, our technology and solutions have started to receive industry recognition. We were one of only three retail-facing companies selected by the UK’s major banks to participate in the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, 2018, and have since been selected to participate in Natwest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme for financial technology.

And we’re just getting started….

Leading the revolution

David and Hugh will be adding pictures of their much better looking colleagues in the very near future! If you’d like to chat about household admin, please get in touch with us. It’s our favourite subject (we don’t get invited to dinner parties any more).

David Sheridan

David Sheridan

Commercial Guy, CEO

Thanks to Onedox, Dave spends more time and money with his young family.

Hugh Nimmo-Smith

Hugh Nimmo-Smith

The Tech Guy, CTO

Hugh uses the time saved by Onedox to do more running along the river Thames.