Onedox awarded 3rd place for UK Fintech Innovation of the Year

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In May 2017, we were delighted to be shortlisted as one of the top 10 businesses for UK Fintech Innovation. Further to a combination of a public vote and assessment by a judging panel, Onedox has been awarded 3rd place! Congratulations to Smart Pensions and Monzo who came 1st and 2nd. Thank you to everyone in the Onedox community who voted for us!

Alongside our recent, oversubscribed Crowdcube campaign, it’s really encouraging to see that so many other people share our enthusiasm for the potential of the business and the help we’re trying to provide consumers with managing their household administration. We’re looking forward to making major progress towards those goals in the months ahead.

Onedox launches groundbreaking household bills and bank account integration

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Press Release: Onedox launches groundbreaking household bills and bank account integration

As a consumer, isn’t it frustrating when you see that an amount of money has come out of your bank account, but you don’t have any detail as to why? Like, how come my mobile bill was so high this month, or why has the direct debit for my energy bill increased?

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Onedox smashes fundraising target with the support of 446 investors

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Onedox Summer Party

Having hit our minimum target of £300k, within 2.5 days of our campaign going live with Crowdcube, we decided to apply a stretch target and look to overfund our campaign up to £550k. We’ve continued to receive phenomenal support and feedback, and fittingly we hit our overfunding target and closed the campaign early, right before the start of our Shareholder Party on Thursday evening, June 29th!

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Onedox announces market-first banking integration

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Onedox+Monzo=#TheFutureOfBanking dark

Our vision at Onedox is to provide consumers with transparent access to their own data and to be able to use that information in useful ways.

wouldn’t it be super-useful if consumers could automatically access their own household bills within their banking app?

So for some time, we’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be super-useful if consumers could automatically access their own household bills within their banking app?

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We are crowdfunding

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Join our crowdfund now

Hey there,

160,000 bills. That is a lot of bills. That’s how many Onedox has downloaded on behalf of our customers in the 18 months since we launched.

Over five thousand families are now using Onedox to take the pain out of their household admin.

Onedox helps them manage over £6M a year in household spend. Oh, and we’re growing quickly.

We’re chuffed to have been named in the Top 10 companies for Fintech Innovation in 2017 but our ambition is much bigger than this…

We want to be the Household Dashboard for every family across the country, so they can spend more time and money on the things that they love.

We think we can make a difference, but we need your help to do it. We think of it is as a revolution.

We want you to share in the success of Onedox by owning shares in our company – making it your company too.

We want you to be part of our story. Come and join us. Check out our pitch on Crowdcube.

Best wishes,


David SheridanDavid Sheridan
Co-Founder, CEO


Onedox announced as Digital Leaders 100 finalist

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Press Release: Digital Leaders Announces the DL100 Finalists

  • The UK wide list highlights the leading champions of digital transformation across industries
  • The public can now vote for the ultimate winners across a range of award categories
  • In addition to Onedox, notable names in the Fintech Innovation of the Year category include Monzo Bank and Tide Bank.

Digital Leaders 100

Digital Leaders, the global initiative for promoting effective, long-term digital transformation across government and industries, has today announced the finalists who make up the DL100 list for 2017 and opened the public vote.Read More

The solution to energy firms treating customers like “chumps”

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John Penrose, MP, told the House of Commons on 16th March that the big six energy firms are treating customers like “chumps” by automatically moving them to more expensive standard tariffs once their fixed term deals end. Rather than having their loyalty rewarded, he suggested that they pay [hundreds of pounds] more for staying with the same supplier.

A motion was debated and approved which called on the Government “ consider solutions that recognise that many people lead busy lives and that switching their energy supplier may not always be a high priority.”

Recognising this major problem, which cost UK consumers almost £2 billion in 2015 according to the Competitions and Markets Authority, Onedox has already created a free app, used by thousands of consumers, that:

– automatically monitors whether you are on a good tariff
– automatically lets you know when you should switch, who to and what you would save
– provides a simple and quick way to move supplier or tariff

Setting up a free Onedox account takes a couple of minutes and provides convenient peace of mind to ensure you never get penalised for loyalty, and you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

You can see more detail on the House of Commons debate here. Or for more details about Onedox, check out how it works.

Are you one of the 12.1 million households affected by the energy price hikes?!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 13.18.56

2017 is getting off to an expensive start for many… as major gas & electricity suppliers have announced price increases that affect 12.1 million UK households!

These increases are to what are known as the “standard variable rate” tariffs which are already some of the worst deals available.

They affect customers of British Gas, E.ON, EDF, nPower, Scottish Power, SSE, First Utility and Co-operative Energy.

And, with these recently announced price hikes, they are set to get far worse… with the prize for worst increases so far going to npower with a 15% increase for electricity!

To beat the hikes you need to switch energy deal which only takes a few minutes thanks to the revolutionary Onedox app.


Households affected

Electricity % increase

Gas % increase


3.1 million



15th September

2.8 million



28th April

2.5 million



26th April


5% overall

1st April


9.7% overall

1st April

1.1 million



1st April

1.4 million



16th March

1 million



1st March

British Gas
Electricity increase: 12.5%
Affecting 3.1 million households
From 15th September

Electricity increase: 14.9%
Affecting 2.8 million households
From 28th April

Electricity increase: 13.8%
Gas increase: 3.8%
Affecting 2.5 million households
From 26th April

Co-op Energy
Overall increase: 5%
Affecting 96,000 households
From 1st April

First Utility
Overall increase: 9.7%
Affecting 117,000 households
From 1st April

Electricity increase: 10.8%
Gas increase: 4.7%
Affecting 1.1 million households
From 1st April

Electricity increase: 15%
Gas increase: 4.8%
Affecting 1.4 million households
From 16th March

Electricity increase: 8.4%
Affecting 1 million households
From 1st March

The sooner you act the less you will lose out!

Onedox is being used by thousands of households like yours to save time and money when dealing with household bills. It automatically reminds you of when your contracts are coming to an end, what you can save and simplifies the process of moving to a better deal.

Also available on:
Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

What’s new in 2017?

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get organised, and Onedox can help remove the hassle that’s usually associated with household admin. Check out how my Mum is now saving around £1,200 a year on her bills with Onedox!

Here’s a few things we’ve been working on at Onedox HQ recently, which can help make saving money on household bills a little easier:

  • Connector.

    iOS app now live!

    Even easier to manage your bills

  • Connector.

    Energy switching improvements

    Even quicker to switch

  • Connector.

    Real-time help in the app

    Questions? Help is at hand

  • Connector.

    More suppliers supported

    Auto data collection for more suppliers

iOS app now live!

Hot off the press, the iOS app launched on Monday and makes it even easier to access your Onedox account on your iPhone or iPad. Download it for free now:

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

Energy switching improvements

Onedox monitors and automatically lets you know when you should switch energy supplier, and hundreds of our customers are saving an average of more than £300 per year as a result.

We’ve made a load of user experience improvements recently which make it even simpler to switch, so once we notify you it’s time to switch, you can move supplier within less than two minutes.

Real time help within the app

To help improve your experience within Onedox, we’ve now introduced some cool new real-time chat support within the app. If you’d like any help or have any questions about your accounts or switching supplier, please just shout, and expect a superior level of service in response.

Live Chat

Automated support for twice as many suppliers

Over the past few months we’ve expanded the size of our team so we can develop more quickly, starting with growing the number of suppliers we can support. Here’s the up-to-date list of suppliers who we can support automatic data collection for, which has grown considerably in that time:

Gas & Electricity

British Gas, Npower, EDF, E.ON, SSE, Scottish Power, First Utility, Ovo, Utilita, Utility Warehouse, Co-Op, Extra Energy, GB Energy, M&S Energy, Ebico, Octopus Energy, Fairer Power

Internet, Landline & TV

BT, Virgin Media, Sky, PlusNet, SSE, Talk Talk, EE Broadband

Mobile Phone

O2, EE, 3, Vodafone, Orange, Giff Gaff, iD, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile


Sky, Virgin Media, BT and Netflix

Resolutions for 2017

Expect rapid progress during 2017 including car and home insurance support and more help with switching suppliers across the board.

Check out our public product roadmap to see what we’re working on and please keep your suggestions coming!

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.

Viva la [household admin] revolucion!

A happier new year with Onedox

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Based on a case study of his own Mother, Onedox founder David Sheridan offers three simple top tips on using free platform Onedox to save up to £100 a month on household bills in 2017, without having to turn the heating down or switching off the mobile phone.

1. Energy
Your energy provider will be able to tell you how to make the most of any off peak tariffs that they have. But often much greater savings are available by actually moving to a different supplier.
It is easy to switch providers, and many offer introductory discounts for doing so. The rub is that once the introductory period ends, the prices go up. The Onedox platform automatically alerts users as soon as the discount period is due to expire, and helps householders to switch to another provider to maintain the lower cost.

2. Landline and Internet
Ensure you have the package that best suits your needs. Ensure you aren’t paying high bills for internet capacity that you aren’t using, and check that the phone calls you need to make are covered by the inclusive package you have. If mobile numbers are not included, often bills escalate as the additional costs for making these can be sizeable. Onedox will help to identify what you are paying extra for, and will alert you to when ‘new customer’ deals expire.

3. Mobile Contracts
Many people pay much more than they need to, by getting themselves tied into expensive new phone contracts as soon as old ones expire. Infrequent users can benefit from switching to SIM only services, and often landline suppliers can provide mobile services for only a small premium removing the need for an independent contract elsewhere, and the associated costs. So check your usage, and ensure that the deal you have is the one that works best for you. Onedox can help you do that.

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