Onedox is closing

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It was back in 2015 when myself and the team set out with a simple but ambitious goal: to improve the lives of families and households by easing the pain and cost associated with household management.

This led us to build the Onedox digital personal assistant and evolve it into the service tens of thousands of customers know and have used. But we’ve hit a roadblock.

Despite being steadfast in our belief that millions of households could benefit from technology such as Onedox, it is with a very heavy heart that today we announce that the Onedox service is being discontinued.

Without deeper pockets to both acquire significantly higher volumes of customers and invest further in customer journeys that generate revenue and would lead to an overall profitable business, we aren’t in a position to continue with providing Onedox as a direct to consumer service.

During September, we changed Onedox to be a paid-for service: this represented the latest in a series of tests to explore different routes to monetisation. Whilst all these tests have shown incremental promise and benefit, and could be part of an overall solution, none represents a short-term silver bullet to enable us to cover the substantial fixed costs associated with providing the Onedox service.

Consequently, we will be discontinuing the Onedox service with effect from December 1st. 

Looking forward, Hugh and I retain belief in and a commitment to helping improve the lives of families and households by easing the pain and cost associated with household management. We will be focussing our efforts on taking our capabilities to market through new routes, such as business to business offerings, where we are seeing significant promise.

To reflect this transition to a business-focus, we have now launched the Ideavate website at, reflecting our capabilities.

We will continue to communicate with all Onedox customers ahead of closing the service, and provide an additional period to enable all customers to download their documents where they wish to do so.

To all of our Onedox customers, investors, advisors, colleagues and friends along the way: sincere thanks for all of your support during the Onedox journey.  

Best wishes,

David Sheridan

Founder and CEO

Onedox needs you 👉

David SheridanCompany Updates

The Onedox baby grows up!

It’s been over four years since Hugh, Rick and I first started work on Onedox.

In that time, we’ve brought together an incredibly talented team to create award-winning technology that helps people get better control over their domestic affairs, and saves them precious time and money. 

We’ve got tens of thousands of customers from whom we receive great feedback and reviews and who find the service really helpful in managing their busy lives. 

The downside of our ambition to solve these problems is that it’s expensive to create and maintain technology that does all the necessary things that Onedox does today, before we get on to all the exciting things we would like to do.

Our ambition has been to create a free product that is useful and that people love, and having established it, grow our customer base and invest in income streams to ultimately cover the costs of operation.

However, this ideal requires greater levels of investment than we have access to. And, despite our best efforts, we’re pretty much out of time. 

We simply can’t afford to keep running Onedox and providing a service directly to consumers without it covering its costs.

So, where does that leave us?

In an effort to ensure no stone is unturned in figuring out whether we could continue to operate Onedox, we’d like to enlist your help to try and find a solution.

There are two parts to what we are doing:

Firstly, from 1st October Onedox will become a paid for service. The service will cost £3 per month or £30 per year on an annual plan.

Whilst we would much rather keep Onedox a free service and benefit as many people as possible, we have no choice but to make this change.

Secondly, instead of paying for Onedox you can help us reach more customers: for each person that you refer/introduce to Onedox you will receive one month free usage of Onedox.

If we get enough people subscribing to use Onedox, or new customers coming in, then it might be enough for us to maintain the service.

This means that there are two things that you can do:

Invite your friends, family, colleagues, anyone you know (or don’t know!), to sign up for Onedox. By using your unique link, they will get one month of Onedox free. And, as a bonus, for each person you refer in September, we will triple your reward and give you 3 months free of Onedox. Go the in-app referrals screen to get started now!


Pay for a Onedox account on a monthly or annual plan (you get a 20% saving by paying for 12 months up front). We truly appreciate your support. Subscribe here to get started.

I would like to thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement on our journey so far. Our team (some of whom are in the shot above) always enjoy hearing about the positive impact of our service – here are a couple of recent favourites:

“Onedox is the best. Chuck away the document box at home and move it all into here. A brilliant tool to bring together your bills and contracts and keep an eye on them centrally/know when its time to renegotiate that sky contract! Gets better with every update.”

“Absolute game changer. A PA in your pocket! Just keeps getting better and better.”

If you decide not to continue using Onedox, by paying for it or by referring friends, your accounts will stop updating and you will not receive automated alerts or reminders from Onedox.

So that you are able to export and download your Onedox data, we’ll continue to securely store the existing information for a period of time. This way we hope to minimise the inconvenience to you.

If you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


What happens to the data in my Onedox account if I don’t pay for it or refer friends?

How much does Onedox cost?

To refer friends, go to:

To subscribe to Onedox, go to:

Announcing 1-Click Energy Switching

David SheridanCompany Updates

Helping customers manage energy bills

Onedox already enables customers to automatically view their energy bills, receive contract end date reminders and to automatically be informed of what savings are available based on their specific consumption. Customers can then easily switch through us to the best deals on the market* in around 90 seconds.

However, around 80% of UK consumers don’t get round to switching when they should; so clearly our mission is not yet complete.

As a result, we’ve been canvassing opinion from thousands of our customers about how we can provide an even more convenient solution.

Room for improvement

The results show that when it comes to switching energy, getting a good deal, convenience and control over the process are the most important factors. Whilst many love the current “self-service” option we provide, others want us to manage the process even more, and remove the need for them to ever have to complete another energy price comparison form.

Announcing 1-Click Energy Switching

So, we’re delighted to announce our new, free service, which makes sure you never overpay for energy while keeping control of your own energy account.

Set your energy preferences once and we’ll find you matching deals that can save you money – and then you’ll be able to switch with the click of just one button!

In line with our ethos of customer control, we will always ask you to confirm you wish to go ahead with a new deal, before we organise a switch.

For the best experience, 1-Click Energy Switching can be set up by customers logging in to Onedox on a desktop browser and accessing it via the Menu.

About Onedox

At Onedox, we use technology to help consumers take control of their household bills and to reduce the hassle of managing them.

We want our customers to feel they have convenient access and control over their bills, so that they can make informed decisions according to their needs. We want to save them time, and stop them being unfairly treated by utility providers who penalise loyalty with increased prices.

Our award winning service already helps our customers manage over £30m of annual expenditure across more than 100,000 of their household accounts.

*We provide access to the broadest range of energy deals and suppliers through our partnership with Energylinx, a GoCompare company, accredited by Ofgem.

Onedox partners with Dixons Carphone to save customers money on TV and Internet bills

David SheridanCompany Updates, Internet, Time Saving, TV & Landline

Working together with technology experts Dixons Carphone, Onedox customers can now call up to get specialist advice on saving money on their TV, Internet and landline packages and switch to the best deal.

At Onedox, we know that understanding home media bills can be a challenge, which is why we help our customers manage their bills and contract renewal dates. Dixons Carphone provide an exceptional call centre service to understand the customer’s current contract, requirements and to help them find the best new deal.

Onedox founder David Sheridan said “We think that providing customers with an easy way to call up and discuss their requirements is especially helpful in the confusing world of TV, Internet and landline contracts. I have first-hand recent experience of my home Internet and landline bills doubling from one month to the next, due to the standard practice of a minimum term ending and defaulting onto a more expensive, standard tariff. Having finally paid attention to my reminder from Onedox, I called the experts at Dixons Carphone and for the sake of a very pleasant ten minute chat, I’ll now save £360 in 2019, versus the contract I was on.”

Onedox has been designed as the smart way to manage household bills, and works with specialist consumer-centric partners across sectors like energy and insurance, as well Internet and TV, to help its customers save hundreds of pounds a year.

Looking for a better broadband deal? Call our experts: 0333 344 2651

Press Release: Starling Bank & Onedox launch banking and utilities integration

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Starling Bank today welcomes the award-winning Onedox service to its in-app marketplace. The integration of Onedox with Starling means that Starling customers will be able to view household bills, reminders and personalised opportunities to save on household bills, all within their Starling app. 

Onedox is the smart way to manage all of your household bills, securely, conveniently and for free. It automatically collects your household bills and information across a range of sectors including energy, home media, mobile, streaming, car and home insurance. It provides convenient access and visibility of all of your household information in one place. The service automatically alerts you whenever new information is available or renewal dates are approaching so that you’re reminded not to default onto more expensive tariffs. Finally, it provides personalised recommendations for saving money by switching to new tariffs or suppliers. 

Starling’s in-app Marketplace, launched in February 2018, offers its customers direct access to financial services and products securely on their phone. Starling has existing partnerships with other fintechs including pension provider PensionBee, digital investing services Wealthsimple and Wealthify, mortgage broker Habito, travel insurance provider Kasko, life insurance provider Anorak, and receipts and loyalty partner Flux. Starling has a pipeline of scores more partners that are expected to join its Marketplace in the near future.

Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, said:

“With the addition of Onedox to our Marketplace we’ve taken another big step in helping our customers take control of their money. We are building a banking experience fit for the 21st Century, where the best financial products are available securely in one place.” 

David Sheridan, CEO of Onedox, said: 

“Onedox provides its customers with control over their household bills and acts like a digital PA to prevent families wasting time and money. Partnering with Starling provides scope for an ever more compelling solution, whereby consumers can begin to get a single view of what they have been charged, why they have been charged, and what action they can take to reduce what they pay.”

Echo: Take control of your repeat NHS prescriptions

JulieanneRecommended Services

Echo Devices

Through various events and conferences, we regularly meet other tech startups doing amazing things for UK consumers, and we want to help Onedox customers discover these new (and usually free) products and services.

As we look towards 2019, where we will aim to provide more sophisticated recommendations and deeply integrate with more services that will be beneficial to our customers, we want to start sharing these discoveries that are solving real problems and clearly demonstrating value for consumers. 

It all started with a lunch…

As a regional finalist for The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the Year Award, Onedox attended a lunch with The Spectator, sponsor Julius Baer and representatives from the other finalist companies in London and the South. Read more about the companies who attended the lunch with us. 

It was at this lunch that we met so many fascinating entrepreneurs at the helm of disruptive startups in the UK, with revolutionary new products and services across health, social networking, farming, military defence, and more – as you can see, a hugely wide range of sectors! Read More

Onedox adds support for Council Tax and Transport

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Due to popular demand, customers can now track council tax and transport within Onedox. Whoohoo!

By adding your Council Tax account, you’ll get:

– Address and council detection for all properties linked to your Onedox account.

– Automatic detection of your council tax band and associated annual cost.

– The ability to upload any associated documents and bills to your account.

– A handy place to get access to your council tax information and council contact details.

As transport constitutes such a large outgoing for households, we’ve also been thinking about how we can help provide more transparency and convenience in this area.

And so, we’re delighted to also be launching support for Transport for London (TfL).

TfL support brings:

– Automatic collection of information about Oyster, Contactless and Travel Cards linked to a TfL account.

– Combined charts to see monthly spend across all cards on the account.

– Weekly and monthly travel summaries downloaded and stored on your transport account.

These new capabilities are available today, so please feel free to add them now to your Onedox account. 

See your MOT history automatically within Onedox

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See your MOT history automatically in Onedox

For every car linked to Onedox, you can now automatically see summary documents of each annual MOT, which includes any advisory notices issued (such as tyres or breaks approaching end of life).

If you didn’t already know, you can track as many cars as you like in Onedox, simply by providing the car registration. You can also link your car insurance for supported providers and get a price comparison for new policies. We already help our customers track useful car-related information like tax and MOT dates for over 25,000 vehicles and counting.

Onedox: Roundup of awards and programmes

JulieanneCompany Updates

2018 is turning out to be a big year for Onedox – we are taking the awards ceremonies by storm and participating in programmes left and right. Here’s a round up of what we’ve been up to so far…

Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab – London 2018

Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab in London is an annual accelerator program run by Accenture and the market’s top financial institutions. It brings together top FinTechs and major financial institutions looking to identify and incorporate innovative financial technology within their offerings. 

The inclusion of Onedox in the retail stream of the Accenture programme, and our place as one of the six overall winners, recognises the opportunity for our technology to transform household administration and the way in which consumers source appropriate suppliers for their household utilities. As a result, very interesting discussions with UK banks are taking place and we look forward to announcing partnerships in the near future.

British Bank Awards 2018 Finalist

Onedox was announced as a finalist in two categories for the 2018 British Banking Awards: Best Personal Finance App and Best Newcomer. The British Bank Awards put customers at the heart of the industry and help to find the best products, hottest innovation and most trusted financial brands.

We look forward to going the distance and winning this next year! 

Read More

Onedox now supports Water accounts

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In a big win for our customers (who have requested Water support from the get-go!), automatic bill collection is now supported for Thames Water, whilst for all other Water providers, you can now contribute data, key contract information and upload bills and documents. 

Water accounts beta

This addition reflects a growing demand from customers to be able to supplement automatic bill collection with contributing data themselves, such that Onedox can provide them with one solution for household bill management.

To get started, just head to your Dashboard and click + to add a new account. 

Household bill ‘debt mountain’

This also happens to coincide with a release from The Citizens Advice Bureau, referring to a household bill “debt mountain” with consumers routinely in arrears across a variety of household utilities, and UK water companies being owed £2.2bn in overdue payments.

Guardian article

Onedox can help prevent consumers from overpaying for discretionary services or those where they are able to switch tariff or supplier, whilst also helping ensure that for utilities such as water, they are more easily able to manage their obligations.

More to come with free-form accounts…

Water represents the second sector where we are supporting the provision of structured data input, having already launched a small trial of this within our insurance offering.

We will be adopting this approach of supplementing automatic data collection with self-contributed data for certain providers, across all core household sectors, thereby ensuring you can manage all of your household bills, truly all in one place.