Announcing 1-Click Energy Switching

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Helping customers manage energy bills

Onedox already enables customers to automatically view their energy bills, receive contract end date reminders and to automatically be informed of what savings are available based on their specific consumption. Customers can then easily switch through us to the best deals on the market* in around 90 seconds.

However, around 80% of UK consumers don’t get round to switching when they should; so clearly our mission is not yet complete.

As a result, we’ve been canvassing opinion from thousands of our customers about how we can provide an even more convenient solution.

Room for improvement

The results show that when it comes to switching energy, getting a good deal, convenience and control over the process are the most important factors. Whilst many love the current “self-service” option we provide, others want us to manage the process even more, and remove the need for them to ever have to complete another energy price comparison form.

Announcing 1-Click Energy Switching

So, we’re delighted to announce our new, free service, which makes sure you never overpay for energy while keeping control of your own energy account.

Set your energy preferences once and we’ll find you matching deals that can save you money – and then you’ll be able to switch with the click of just one button!

In line with our ethos of customer control, we will always ask you to confirm you wish to go ahead with a new deal, before we organise a switch.

For the best experience, 1-Click Energy Switching can be set up by customers logging in to Onedox on a desktop browser and accessing it via the Menu.

About Onedox

At Onedox, we use technology to help consumers take control of their household bills and to reduce the hassle of managing them.

We want our customers to feel they have convenient access and control over their bills, so that they can make informed decisions according to their needs. We want to save them time, and stop them being unfairly treated by utility providers who penalise loyalty with increased prices.

Our award winning service already helps our customers manage over £30m of annual expenditure across more than 100,000 of their household accounts.

*We provide access to the broadest range of energy deals and suppliers through our partnership with Energylinx, a GoCompare company, accredited by Ofgem.

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