Announcing the Onedox Developer Platform

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At Onedox, we are on a mission to help consumers take control of their household bills and information. We want people to feel relaxed and in control, whilst not having to waste time and money that would be better spent elsewhere in their lives.

Whilst legislation such as GDPR represents progress towards a framework for empowering consumers with their own data, and PSD2 sets out specific obligations in the banking sector, we’re delivering solutions consumers can use, today, in the utilities space.

Why does this matter? Because household bills are hard to manage, often by design, and the costs incurred by consumers not taking action are massive.

Providers increase prices after introductory periods, meaning that unless consumers spend the time to manage energy, mobile, Internet, car insurance, home insurance, TV, landline etcetera, their costs can and will go up. It’s a problem costing UK families up to £1,000 per year in needless cost, according to recent research by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

We want to show that there can be a better way…

Onedox is already helping it’s customers manage over £23m in annual expenditure through our popular free app, which enables customers to automatically see all of their household bills in one place, receive reminders when it’s time to take action and to get help finding deals.

Consistent with our mission of giving consumers control of their household data, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Developer Platform that enables new and innovative ways for consumers to use their data!

The new Onedox Developer Platform, available today, empowers customers in three key ways:

  1. For the first time, third party developers can build apps and services that, with the customer’s consent, can make use of the data in Onedox (via an API) to provide capabilities beyond those built in to Onedox. The first of these is one that we have built ourselves, that makes Onedox directly available within Google Assistant so that you can get help from Google with your admin! E.g. “Ask Onedox when my mobile contract ends”.

  2. Organisations such as banks, personal finance management and other fintech services will be able to enrich their own offerings with household billing information access via our API. This allows consenting customers to get an integrated view of their banking and bill information; knowing why they are being charged rather than just what they are being charged, and enabling them to take action.

  3. For power users that want to directly work with their data, any Onedox customer can today access their data via our API as they see fit. To learn more and get started visit

We’re really excited about the new possibilities that the Onedox Developer Platform brings and we already have some great partnerships in the pipeline. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss a possible integration.

For more details on the Developer Platform please visit or contact us.

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