Dogs don’t have bills. People do.

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Wave goodbye to the dog 🐶👋😢 has a new look!

We’re excited to introduce you to our brand new website! Remember our old homepage with the dog in red goggles? Hanging his head out the car window, merrily speeding along? He didn’t have a care in the world. And we loved him.

But dogs don’t have bills. People do. (duh) And so instead of showing our happy dog living his best carefree life, we wanted to instead showcase the human beings like you and me enjoying life to the fullest while Onedox takes care of the tedious admin around our household bills.

Now don’t worry, we didn’t let go of the dog that easily…

We were gently led to this conclusion by the insightful team at OTM, the creative agency in charge of revamping the look and feel of the Onedox brand.

In preparation for our upcoming crowdfunding round (live now!), the London team sat down with OTM to have an in depth chat about the company that is Onedox, the brand, who we are, why we are here and why we are doing what we’re doing.

OTM also sat down with some of our customers and some people who hadn’t heard of Onedox to understand what do people really need when it comes to managing their finances.

Through these discussions and stories and interactions, OTM discovered that consumers have multiple financial personalities – meaning they define ‘being in control of bills’ in very different ways.

Take a second to think about how you would consider yourself ‘in control of your bills’: Would this be only when you know exactly what each bill should be each month? Or would ‘being in control’ for you mean that you know which bills you’re paying, eh, in general, but definitely not the exact amounts?

Happy couple

This is what being in control of bills looks like.

By mapping these different answers (and there were a lot!) OTM helped us realise that we can help people ‘take control of their bills’ in many varying and effective ways. 

We are so excited about all the dedication OTM has put into this project. We are absolutely loving how the website looks, we feel we have a clearer, more cohesive message to convey to our customers, and our newly defined brand values perfectly encapsulate the Onedox team and mission. 

We look forward to evolving the Onedox brand and personality together with OTM into the future. 🚀

Some of the ways you’ll see our results reflected on the website and in the service:

👩‍👦‍👦 Onedox is about helping people take control of their bills – so let’s make people the focus of Onedox and the site (not dogs)

🤖 Innovation is central to Onedox. We are always improving but sometimes these changes are not immediately apparent to the customer. Speaking more about our public roadmap on the homepage can help our customers see what we are working on and what we have planned for the future.

🗝 Customers not only want to be secure, they want to feel secure. We take the security of our customers’ data very seriously and never, ever sell data to third parties. But we haven’t made that very obvious to our customers. We handle sensitive data, such as provider account credentials, and it’s always encrypted in storage and transit, and we take a similar approach to that prescribed by PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) with regards to the handling of credit card numbers. After speaking with our customers, we know we can do more to bring this message more to the forefront of our communications. 

And a word from OTM themselves: 

“We held meetups with Onedox current and potential users and talked with them as fellow humans. Our goal was to understand the context for Onedox in their lives at a deeper, personal, human level. The stories and insights discovered are fascinating and now form the foundation of a Onedox brand that really puts their customers first in everything they do. It’s been an absolute pleasure working together with the wonderful Onedox team on this exploration.”

Thanks OTM, love you guys! 💗

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