Don’t give up David Mitchell!

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In this Observer opinion piece, David Mitchell rightly points out the incredible dysfunctionality of the UK energy system:

“…the fact that the largest operators in the domestic energy marketplace offer some of the highest tariffs is a lovely demonstration that the forces of market competition aren’t functioning.

…to research who’s offering the best price, go through the admin hassle of changing supplier, then keep tabs on when prices get automatically hiked if you don’t change, or threaten to change, supplier again. That’s not a very appealing process to anyone mortal.

…So why don’t we just opt once and for all for the one that’s called British Gas? En masse. Embrace the supplier-changing hassle this one time and we’ll never have to do it again. The other suppliers will go under and the state will have to take over to avoid a private monopoly. And no one will nag us to “shop around” ever again. Let’s do it.”

No! Let’s not do it, David! It’s not too late to save the system. It’s broken yes, but there are a number of small companies fighting the good fight and trying to fix it. We’re up against massive behavioural and technological blockers to change – it IS an admin hassle to change suppliers, it IS a pain to keep track of your bills and make sure you’re always on the right tariff, and incredibly, we ARE all getting penalised for our loyalty to these companies. It would be so easy to throw our hands up and give in to the Big Six but we won’t do it. There is a better way. 

We think of Onedox as a sort of digital PA for your energy (and other household) bills. By providing a helping hand to manage that tumultuous relationship we all have with our energy providers, it gives you the peace of mind that it’s possible to stay on top of it all. Onedox keeps you informed with reminders when you’re on an expensive tariff (instead of it being hid in the verbose small print of your energy bill) and makes automatic comparisons to other tariffs on the market to which you can switch easily through the app. So switching loses its stigma of being an admin hassle and instead is just a simple press of the button and an automatic saving in your wallet. 

And there’s more disruption of the energy system going on…

Tackling the Big Six directly within the energy sector is Bulb for example; with one, variable tariff that’s way lower than the Big Six and many other providers’, Bulb have a clear, simple proposition: 

While their price can go up (they give you several months’ notice before doing so), it can also go down (which it has done several times) and it is the same change for all their customers. And that’s not even mentioning that they provide 100% renewable electricity. A company with the aim to provide clean, simple and cheap energy – to me, that’s a modern day knight in shining armour.

Change is afoot, David! Give us a chance to drag energy into the 21st century!

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