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Through various events and conferences, we regularly meet other tech startups doing amazing things for UK consumers, and we want to help Onedox customers discover these new (and usually free) products and services.

As we look towards 2019, where we will aim to provide more sophisticated recommendations and deeply integrate with more services that will be beneficial to our customers, we want to start sharing these discoveries that are solving real problems and clearly demonstrating value for consumers. 

It all started with a lunch…

As a regional finalist for The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the Year Award, Onedox attended a lunch with The Spectator, sponsor Julius Baer and representatives from the other finalist companies in London and the South. Read more about the companies who attended the lunch with us. 

It was at this lunch that we met so many fascinating entrepreneurs at the helm of disruptive startups in the UK, with revolutionary new products and services across health, social networking, farming, military defence, and more – as you can see, a hugely wide range of sectors! 

Echo – delivering repeat prescriptions right to your door

We particularly enjoyed meeting the team behind Echo – a simple and free service that delivers your NHS repeat prescriptions to your door, and even reminds you when and how to take it. 

When you think about the shocking statistic that 40% of medication isn’t taken as directed, and that almost half of all adults are taking a repeat prescription, you quickly realise how useful a service like Echo could be.

You get timely reminders when to take meds, and advice when it’s time to place a new order or when you should see your GP, eliminating unnecessary doctor appointments or near misses of the pharmacy’s opening hours. 

What we love about Echo

We love that Echo’s mission is to help you take control of your health through controlling your medication. This is a key concept for us since we originally founded Onedox on the belief that customer data belongs to the customer, and that the ownership of this data should be empowering: Empowering for you, the customer, not for anyone else. 

Echo’s Next of Kin function, which allows users to manage the medication of up to six people (incl. themselves) of any age, also harkens back to an original and key concept behind Onedox: helping loved ones with their life admin. 

Onedox + Echo, one day?

You already get access to almost everything household and car related in your Onedox account today. Wouldn’t it be handy to keep track of everything health-related in one place too?  

Having access to and control over your own data, securely, wherever you are, is what services like Onedox and Echo are all about. We recommend you give them a try by signing up for a free account today and taking control of your repeat prescriptions! 

Echo is available as a highly-rated app on Google Play or the App Store. 👍

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