Onedox adds support for Council Tax and Transport

David SheridanCompany Updates, Council, General, Transport

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Due to popular demand, customers can now track council tax and transport within Onedox. Whoohoo!

By adding your Council Tax account, you’ll get:

– Address and council detection for all properties linked to your Onedox account.

– Automatic detection of your council tax band and associated annual cost.

– The ability to upload any associated documents and bills to your account.

– A handy place to get access to your council tax information and council contact details.

As transport constitutes such a large outgoing for households, we’ve also been thinking about how we can help provide more transparency and convenience in this area.

And so, we’re delighted to also be launching support for Transport for London (TfL).

TfL support brings:

– Automatic collection of information about Oyster, Contactless and Travel Cards linked to a TfL account.

– Combined charts to see monthly spend across all cards on the account.

– Weekly and monthly travel summaries downloaded and stored on your transport account.

These new capabilities are available today, so please feel free to add them now to your Onedox account. 

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