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It was back in 2015 when myself and the team set out with a simple but ambitious goal: to improve the lives of families and households by easing the pain and cost associated with household management.

This led us to build the Onedox digital personal assistant and evolve it into the service tens of thousands of customers know and have used. But we’ve hit a roadblock.

Despite being steadfast in our belief that millions of households could benefit from technology such as Onedox, it is with a very heavy heart that today we announce that the Onedox service is being discontinued.

Without deeper pockets to both acquire significantly higher volumes of customers and invest further in customer journeys that generate revenue and would lead to an overall profitable business, we aren’t in a position to continue with providing Onedox as a direct to consumer service.

During September, we changed Onedox to be a paid-for service: this represented the latest in a series of tests to explore different routes to monetisation. Whilst all these tests have shown incremental promise and benefit, and could be part of an overall solution, none represents a short-term silver bullet to enable us to cover the substantial fixed costs associated with providing the Onedox service.

Consequently, we will be discontinuing the Onedox service with effect from December 1st. 

Looking forward, Hugh and I retain belief in and a commitment to helping improve the lives of families and households by easing the pain and cost associated with household management. We will be focussing our efforts on taking our capabilities to market through new routes, such as business to business offerings, where we are seeing significant promise.

To reflect this transition to a business-focus, we have now launched the Ideavate website at, reflecting our capabilities.

We will continue to communicate with all Onedox customers ahead of closing the service, and provide an additional period to enable all customers to download their documents where they wish to do so.

To all of our Onedox customers, investors, advisors, colleagues and friends along the way: sincere thanks for all of your support during the Onedox journey.  

Best wishes,

David Sheridan

Founder and CEO

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