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The Onedox baby grows up!

It’s been over four years since Hugh, Rick and I first started work on Onedox.

In that time, we’ve brought together an incredibly talented team to create award-winning technology that helps people get better control over their domestic affairs, and saves them precious time and money. 

We’ve got tens of thousands of customers from whom we receive great feedback and reviews and who find the service really helpful in managing their busy lives. 

The downside of our ambition to solve these problems is that it’s expensive to create and maintain technology that does all the necessary things that Onedox does today, before we get on to all the exciting things we would like to do.

Our ambition has been to create a free product that is useful and that people love, and having established it, grow our customer base and invest in income streams to ultimately cover the costs of operation.

However, this ideal requires greater levels of investment than we have access to. And, despite our best efforts, we’re pretty much out of time. 

We simply can’t afford to keep running Onedox and providing a service directly to consumers without it covering its costs.

So, where does that leave us?

In an effort to ensure no stone is unturned in figuring out whether we could continue to operate Onedox, we’d like to enlist your help to try and find a solution.

There are two parts to what we are doing:

Firstly, from 1st October Onedox will become a paid for service. The service will cost £3 per month or £30 per year on an annual plan.

Whilst we would much rather keep Onedox a free service and benefit as many people as possible, we have no choice but to make this change.

Secondly, instead of paying for Onedox you can help us reach more customers: for each person that you refer/introduce to Onedox you will receive one month free usage of Onedox.

If we get enough people subscribing to use Onedox, or new customers coming in, then it might be enough for us to maintain the service.

This means that there are two things that you can do:

Invite your friends, family, colleagues, anyone you know (or don’t know!), to sign up for Onedox. By using your unique link, they will get one month of Onedox free. And, as a bonus, for each person you refer in September, we will triple your reward and give you 3 months free of Onedox. Go the in-app referrals screen to get started now!


Pay for a Onedox account on a monthly or annual plan (you get a 20% saving by paying for 12 months up front). We truly appreciate your support. Subscribe here to get started.

I would like to thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement on our journey so far. Our team (some of whom are in the shot above) always enjoy hearing about the positive impact of our service – here are a couple of recent favourites:

“Onedox is the best. Chuck away the document box at home and move it all into here. A brilliant tool to bring together your bills and contracts and keep an eye on them centrally/know when its time to renegotiate that sky contract! Gets better with every update.”

“Absolute game changer. A PA in your pocket! Just keeps getting better and better.”

If you decide not to continue using Onedox, by paying for it or by referring friends, your accounts will stop updating and you will not receive automated alerts or reminders from Onedox.

So that you are able to export and download your Onedox data, we’ll continue to securely store the existing information for a period of time. This way we hope to minimise the inconvenience to you.

If you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


What happens to the data in my Onedox account if I don’t pay for it or refer friends?

How much does Onedox cost?

To refer friends, go to:

To subscribe to Onedox, go to:

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