Onedox now supports Water accounts

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In a big win for our customers (who have requested Water support from the get-go!), automatic bill collection is now supported for Thames Water, whilst for all other Water providers, you can now contribute data, key contract information and upload bills and documents. 

Water accounts beta

This addition reflects a growing demand from customers to be able to supplement automatic bill collection with contributing data themselves, such that Onedox can provide them with one solution for household bill management.

To get started, just head to your Dashboard and click + to add a new account. 

Household bill ‘debt mountain’

This also happens to coincide with a release from The Citizens Advice Bureau, referring to a household bill “debt mountain” with consumers routinely in arrears across a variety of household utilities, and UK water companies being owed £2.2bn in overdue payments.

Guardian article

Onedox can help prevent consumers from overpaying for discretionary services or those where they are able to switch tariff or supplier, whilst also helping ensure that for utilities such as water, they are more easily able to manage their obligations.

More to come with free-form accounts…

Water represents the second sector where we are supporting the provision of structured data input, having already launched a small trial of this within our insurance offering.

We will be adopting this approach of supplementing automatic data collection with self-contributed data for certain providers, across all core household sectors, thereby ensuring you can manage all of your household bills, truly all in one place. 

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