Take control, with a single view of your household accounts and their contract status

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get one view of your household accounts, as well as the contract status of each? 

Well, now you can! 

The latest major upgrade to the Onedox service brings a re-designed accounts tab, which instantly exposes a visual representation of where you are in the contract cycle with each of your household providers, and what steps to take to stay in control of them; like getting a car MOT, a better insurance deal or a cheaper energy contract. 

This means that you can now get greater visibility of what’s on the horizon, rather than just receiving To-Do reminders once you’ve reached a minimum contract term date, as well as making it easier to take action and stay on top of everything.

The more providers you add, the prettier it looks and the simpler it is to manage your household bills!

Would council tax and water support also be helpful? OK… stay tuned – our legendary development team have nearly cracked that too…

If you don’t already have one, open your free Onedox account to get your household bills sorted.

Onedox launches ground-breaking insurance support & Quotezone price comparison partnership

David SheridanCompany Updates, Insurance, Vehicles

Insurance support is now live!

Having undertaken testing with a 500-strong beta team over the last three months, Onedox is delighted to make its ground-breaking car, home and buildings insurance proposition (beta) available to all customers. This enables customers to have insurance data collected automatically and centrally within Onedox, to contribute their own information and documents for supported providers and, rolling out over the next few days, to undertake price comparison at the end of a policy term, to ensure they get a good deal on insurance and don’t overpay.

In the first release, automated collection of documents will be supported across Admiral, Aviva, Axa, Churchill, Direct Line, Elephant, esure, Hastings Direct, John Lewis, Legal & General, Swiftcover.


Quotezone price comparison partnership

We’re also delighted to have entered into a partnership agreement with Seopa (trading as Quotezone) in order to provide our customers with seamless access to a comprehensive range of over 90 insurance providers for comparison, once policies are due for renewal. This will be made available first on desktop and pushed out on our mobile apps over the next few days. 

Adding support for insurance data collection and visibility of relevant deals within the Onedox service represents a major milestone as we continue to work towards providing our customers with a 21st century experience for household bill management. 

Dogs don’t have bills. People do.

JulieanneCompany Updates


Wave goodbye to the dog 🐶👋😢

Onedox.com has a new look!

We’re excited to introduce you to our brand new website! Remember our old homepage with the dog in red goggles? Hanging his head out the car window, merrily speeding along? He didn’t have a care in the world. And we loved him.

But dogs don’t have bills. People do. (duh) And so instead of showing our happy dog living his best carefree life, we wanted to instead showcase the human beings like you and me enjoying life to the fullest while Onedox takes care of the tedious admin around our household bills.

Now don’t worry, we didn’t let go of the dog that easily…

We were gently led to this conclusion by the insightful team at OTM, the creative agency in charge of revamping the look and feel of the Onedox brand.

In preparation for our upcoming crowdfunding round (live now!), the London team sat down with OTM to have an in depth chat about the company that is Onedox, the brand, who we are, why we are here and why we are doing what we’re doing.

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Introducing the new Onedox Dashboard

Mark KellieGeneral, User Experience

It’s been a busy time designing at Onedox HQ!

First off – we’ve just released our Open Banking Preview. Secondly, you may have noticed our new and updated To-Do’s page within the app; which makes it much easier to take, postpone or cancel action relating to your household admin.

And third, but by no means least, we’ve now publicly released our new Dashboard! The trusty old one has served us well for the past two years, but it was time for a change.

So what have we done, and why?

To start with, it’s more welcoming! Hi!

The top section of the dashboard lets you know 3 key things.

Front and centre is your health score, we’re working on a more granular score but for now it represents what action you need to take (by completing your To-Do’s), to get it back to full health.

To the left is your To-Do’s link. You’ll see exactly how many you have, one tap is all it takes to go see them and figure out what needs taking care of. 

Add Accounts – this may seem strange in such a prominent position but did you know we are adding new accounts almost every week? We’ve recently added, TV Licensing, Thames Water, car and home insurance (in beta) and the list goes on. We want Onedox to be the digital PA for household bills, and we’ll only do that if we can help you manage all of your household bills, reminders and accounts, so it needs to be as easy as possible to add them. 

After that we’ll tell you if you have savings available: one tap is all it takes to go and save some money. Remember, our savings are calculated on actual usage and it takes less than 2 minutes to switch. We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you!

Latest Bills! 6 of them in fact. Quickly see your last 6 bills from different providers. For a lot of customers that covers most of the last month, right there on the Dashboard, with a more detailed view one tap away.

We are already building the next upgrade to the application and we can’t wait to share that with you soon!

As always, if you want to leave any feedback about these updates, please just login and have a live chat.

Speak soon!
Product Designer

Our vision: bringing together banking and utilities

David SheridanGeneral, User Experience

Open utilities + Open banking

Open banking is designed to put consumers in control of their data; providing an easier way for consumers to manage and make more of their finances through the application of technology and open access to appropriate services.

Open utilities is a concept that Onedox has been making a reality over the last three years: enabling UK families to have visibility and control over their household bills and data through the application of technology, so that they can stop wasting valuable time and money on their bills.

Open utilities + Open utilities = Fairer outcomes for consumers

At Onedox, we believe that open banking and open utilities are both powerful agents for better consumer outcomes on their own, and together they can provide something truly exceptional.

Our bank accounts tell us what we have paid, but in order to understand the detail, we need to know:

  • what’s my tariff and consumption?
  • why has my bill increased?
  •  when does my contract minimum period end?

And in order to understand this information, we need utility data.

That’s why we’re designing a unique solution that can bring together both bank and utility data, making it possible to provide the consumer with next-generation experiences whereby a transaction is identified within a banking environment, and is then automatically reconciled with the corresponding utility bill. This will enable the consumer to simply click into the line item in order to see the bill and understand how it was arrived at. Moreover, the consumer can see, at a glance, the contractual status of all of their utilities, and receive assistance in order to optimise them in a convenient way, without needing to independently search the market for the best deals.

We think that consumers should pay a fair rate for the services they consume as a rule and not an exception. The transparency and control at the heart of the principles of open utilities, open banking and GDPR, means we are excited about truly changing the status quo for consumers in the coming years.

Please take a look at our preview video and let us know your thoughts!

The Onedox Team

Don’t give up David Mitchell!

JulieanneElectricity & Gas


In this Observer opinion piece, David Mitchell rightly points out the incredible dysfunctionality of the UK energy system:

“…the fact that the largest operators in the domestic energy marketplace offer some of the highest tariffs is a lovely demonstration that the forces of market competition aren’t functioning.

…to research who’s offering the best price, go through the admin hassle of changing supplier, then keep tabs on when prices get automatically hiked if you don’t change, or threaten to change, supplier again. That’s not a very appealing process to anyone mortal.

…So why don’t we just opt once and for all for the one that’s called British Gas? En masse. Embrace the supplier-changing hassle this one time and we’ll never have to do it again. The other suppliers will go under and the state will have to take over to avoid a private monopoly. And no one will nag us to “shop around” ever again. Let’s do it.”

No! Let’s not do it, David! It’s not too late to save the system. It’s broken yes, but there are a number of small companies fighting the good fight and trying to fix it. We’re up against massive behavioural and technological blockers to change – it IS an admin hassle to change suppliers, it IS a pain to keep track of your bills and make sure you’re always on the right tariff, and incredibly, we ARE all getting penalised for our loyalty to these companies. It would be so easy to throw our hands up and give in to the Big Six but we won’t do it. There is a better way. 

We think of Onedox as a sort of digital PA for your energy (and other household) bills. By providing a helping hand to manage that tumultuous relationship we all have with our energy providers, it gives you the peace of mind that it’s possible to stay on top of it all. Onedox keeps you informed with reminders when you’re on an expensive tariff (instead of it being hid in the verbose small print of your energy bill) and makes automatic comparisons to other tariffs on the market to which you can switch easily through the app. So switching loses its stigma of being an admin hassle and instead is just a simple press of the button and an automatic saving in your wallet. 

And there’s more disruption of the energy system going on…

Tackling the Big Six directly within the energy sector is Bulb for example; with one, variable tariff that’s way lower than the Big Six and many other providers’, Bulb have a clear, simple proposition: 

While their price can go up (they give you several months’ notice before doing so), it can also go down (which it has done several times) and it is the same change for all their customers. And that’s not even mentioning that they provide 100% renewable electricity. A company with the aim to provide clean, simple and cheap energy – to me, that’s a modern day knight in shining armour.

Change is afoot, David! Give us a chance to drag energy into the 21st century!

What types of household accounts does Onedox support?

David SheridanCompany Updates, TV & Landline

Whilst we get great feedback on the Onedox service from our customers, we’re not ashamed to admit we’re not perfect (not yet, anyway ;-)). We understand that the more types of domestic supplier we support, the more helpful the service becomes for our customers. 

Accounts menu

We’re delighted to announce that one of the most requested account types, TV licence, has now been added.

So, the current list of supported sectors is as follows:

– Energy (gas and electricity)

– Internet, TV & landline

– Streaming services

– DVLA (e.g. tax and MOT information)

– TV licence

– Car insurance

– Home insurance

To complete the set of most requested supplier types, we’re working on water and council tax, and have in fact just started making water support available to our beta team (if you’d like to join the beta team, just email us on info@onedox.com or chat to us in the app!).

If there are other sectors you’d like to see us support, or specific suppliers or features we should be considering, please also let us know. You can also see what else is coming up by taking a look at our public roadmap.



Onedox selected for NatWest Fintech Accelerator Programme

JulieanneCompany Updates

Having recently completed the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, Onedox continues to make its mark in the land of Fintech, having been accepted into the Fintech cohort of NatWest’s Entrepreneur Acceleration Programme. The programme, which commenced in April 2018, is aimed at promising startups in the scale up phase, and offers Onedox a unique opportunity to take advantage of NatWest’s support and expertise in its banking networks and supply chains. It also provides Onedox with more opportunities to meet and develop collaborative relationships with fellow Fintechs in this fast-evolving ecosystem.

Onedox CEO David Sheridan said “The introduction of open banking represents an exciting time for consumer-facing fintech, with banks more motivated than ever to bring differentiated propositions to market. Having refined our B2B2C “open utilities” proposition through the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab in the first part of 2018, we’re looking forward to working with the Natwest Accelerator team to ensure we are building an exceptional product for banks and their customers.”

Should I get mobile phone insurance?

JulieanneGuide, Mobile, Money Saving

Cracked phone

You’ve just bought a new mobile phone. It’s the most precious thing in the world to you right now. So do you immediately get mobile phone insurance…or maybe not? It all depends on a few key factors…

Mobile phone insurance makes sense for those of us who tend to lose phones, crack them, drop them or have the bad luck to get them stolen. But if that happens due to carelessness, then your insurance policy might be invalid!* 

Remember that the best result mobile phone insurance companies can offer you is to replace your phone with a new one (which could still take time), or if it’s damaged, to fix it while you go phoneless for days.** 

You might have to pay huge fees if the person who stole your phone runs up your bill with unreported premium calls or services.***

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Hate managing insurance? You’ll love Onedox

David SheridanCompany Updates, General

Onedox & Insurance

We get lots of great feedback from our customers but it’s not all unqualified praise. Here are a few messages we’ve received in the last week alone. Can you spot the theme?

[Clue: I love Onedox, I will love it much more once you can support insurance….]

“Hi, will you be including insurance soon? It would be useful to see the cost & due dates of house/contents insurance, car insurance etc? It’s a very useful app but can be so much better with other bills included.”

“Hi there, are there any plans to add additional accounts to the app? Home insurance would be a great one, as would car insurance… Great system but I feel it could be made to do so much more! :grinning:”

“Hi. I love onedox and I love having the vehicle tax and MOT reminders. However I recently forgot to renew my car insurance….. it got me thinking that Onedox could remind people about car and home insurance renewals… it would be very helpful for people like me who occasionally forget.”

wouldn’t it be useful if consumers could automatically access their insurance bills within the Onedox app?

Without further ado…. 

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