What types of household accounts does Onedox support?

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Whilst we get great feedback on the Onedox service from our customers, we’re not ashamed to admit we’re not perfect (not yet, anyway ;-)). We understand that the more types of domestic supplier we support, the more helpful the service becomes for our customers. 

Accounts menu

We’re delighted to announce that one of the most requested account types, TV licence, has now been added.

So, the current list of supported sectors is as follows:

– Energy (gas and electricity)

– Internet, TV & landline

– Streaming services

– DVLA (e.g. tax and MOT information)

– TV licence

– Car insurance

– Home insurance

To complete the set of most requested supplier types, we’re working on water and council tax, and have in fact just started making water support available to our beta team (if you’d like to join the beta team, just email us on info@onedox.com or chat to us in the app!).

If there are other sectors you’d like to see us support, or specific suppliers or features we should be considering, please also let us know. You can also see what else is coming up by taking a look at our public roadmap.



Onedox selected for NatWest Fintech Accelerator Programme

JulieanneCompany Updates

Having recently completed the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, Onedox continues to make its mark in the land of Fintech, having been accepted into the Fintech cohort of NatWest’s Entrepreneur Acceleration Programme. The programme, which commenced in April 2018, is aimed at promising startups in the scale up phase, and offers Onedox a unique opportunity to take advantage of NatWest’s support and expertise in its banking networks and supply chains. It also provides Onedox with more opportunities to meet and develop collaborative relationships with fellow Fintechs in this fast-evolving ecosystem.

Onedox CEO David Sheridan said “The introduction of open banking represents an exciting time for consumer-facing fintech, with banks more motivated than ever to bring differentiated propositions to market. Having refined our B2B2C “open utilities” proposition through the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab in the first part of 2018, we’re looking forward to working with the Natwest Accelerator team to ensure we are building an exceptional product for banks and their customers.”

Should I get mobile phone insurance?

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Cracked phone

You’ve just bought a new mobile phone. It’s the most precious thing in the world to you right now. So do you immediately get mobile phone insurance…or maybe not? It all depends on a few key factors…

Mobile phone insurance makes sense for those of us who tend to lose phones, crack them, drop them or have the bad luck to get them stolen. But if that happens due to carelessness, then your insurance policy might be invalid!* 

Remember that the best result mobile phone insurance companies can offer you is to replace your phone with a new one (which could still take time), or if it’s damaged, to fix it while you go phoneless for days.** 

You might have to pay huge fees if the person who stole your phone runs up your bill with unreported premium calls or services.***

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Hate managing insurance? You’ll love Onedox

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Onedox & Insurance

We get lots of great feedback from our customers but it’s not all unqualified praise. Here are a few messages we’ve received in the last week alone. Can you spot the theme?

[Clue: I love Onedox, I will love it much more once you can support insurance….]

“Hi, will you be including insurance soon? It would be useful to see the cost & due dates of house/contents insurance, car insurance etc? It’s a very useful app but can be so much better with other bills included.”

“Hi there, are there any plans to add additional accounts to the app? Home insurance would be a great one, as would car insurance… Great system but I feel it could be made to do so much more! :grinning:”

“Hi. I love onedox and I love having the vehicle tax and MOT reminders. However I recently forgot to renew my car insurance….. it got me thinking that Onedox could remind people about car and home insurance renewals… it would be very helpful for people like me who occasionally forget.”

wouldn’t it be useful if consumers could automatically access their insurance bills within the Onedox app?

Without further ado…. 

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Switching Energy Providers with a Smart Meter – A Guide

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  • Switching to a better energy tariff is always a good idea.
  • If you don’t have a smart meter yet, make sure to get a 2nd gen smart meter (SMETS 2) that can connect to all suppliers.
  • If you have a smart meter already (and it’s a SMETS 1) and if you switch suppliers, your meter may lose some of its functionality but it’s still a good thing to have as it’ll help you monitor your energy usage, and you can use it to provide manual readings to your new supplier, so you’re no worse off than you were before.

Can I still switch energy suppliers if I already have a smart meter?

Yes! Absolutely! The technology just isn’t quite there yet to make switching as smooth a process as it could be.

So what’s the story with smart meters not being as smart as we thought?

Ok, so the smart meters installed up until now across the UK have been 1st generation devices (called SMETS 1) which communicate only with the energy supplier that provides them.

The 2nd generation devices (called SMETS 2) use a central data network which all suppliers can automatically connect to, so they can see your usage and meter readings, and your in-home display shows any supplier’s costs without any problems. To maintain smart functionality and to enable switching between energy providers without losing that functionality, this is the type of smart meter you want in your home. 

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Improving Onedox – Account Page Experience

Mark KellieGeneral, Mobile, User Experience


First off, it’s good to meet you all. I’m Mark and I look after User Experience and Design here at Onedox.

There’s nothing like hitting the ground running so with introductions done, I’m excited to announce that today we’re starting to roll out major upgrades to our user experience.

Usability and Design improvements

We want to make Onedox even easier for you to use, give the app a more modern feel, and ultimately help you manage your household bills more effectively.

What are we doing to achieve that? Read More

Onedox selected for 2018 Accenture and Banking FinTech Lab

JulieanneCompany Updates

London-based Ideavate Limited (trading as ‘Onedox’), has been selected to take part in a twelve week FinTech programme starting on January 3rd, 2018. The Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab brings together top FinTechs and major financial institutions looking to identify and incorporate innovative financial technology within their offerings. 

Ideavate creates digital solutions to automate household bill management. As showcased through its free, direct to consumer application Onedox, the technology acts like a digital P.A. for managing household utilities.

The idea behind Ideavate came from Co-Founder and CEO David Sheridan struggling to help his Mum understand why she was being charged so much for her household bills, and the work involved with then finding better deals each year. This highlighted the manual, administrative processes of data collection and deal hunting that cause millions of UK families to disengage from household bill management and collectively waste billions each year as a result. By providing a radically more transparent and convenient solution, consumers save time and money, so they can spend more on the things that they love.

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Diary of a start-up: Looking back on our first year

JulieanneCompany Updates, Diary of a Start-Up

Onedox’s David Sheridan reflects back on a tough but rewarding first year running a tech start-up and shares the key lessons he’s learnt along the way…

Looking back on our first yera

After sharing how not to fall out with your co-founders, David Sheridan, co-founder and commercial Onedox.com, a virtual dashboard for all your household bills, shares the other tough lessons he’s learnt across the last 12 months in his latest diary instalment…

Whoever coined the platitude “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” must have been referring to a love of not working. The phrase certainly doesn’t hold true for start-up businesses, at least.

Over the past year it feels like me and my co-founders Rick and Hugh have worked practically every day – whether actively or else thinking about Onedox in what should be our spare time.

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Diary of a start-up: How to not fall out with your co-founders

JulieanneCompany Updates, Diary of a Start-Up

While legal documents may not be your top priority when starting a business, David Sheridan stresses a Founders Agreement can save you a lot of hassle. 

How not to fall out with your co-founders
Following his introductory blog at the end of last year, David Sheridan, co-founder and commercial director of Onedox.com, a virtual dashboard for all your household bills, shares his latest diary instalment. This month he reveals the importance of creating a Founders Agreement…

Our founding team all agreed we had the components of a good business idea. Our market research supported our starting hypothesis, we had identified potential customers for our product and most importantly, we had satisfied ourselves that our business could ultimately be profitable.

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Diary of a start-up: Introducing David Sheridan of Onedox

JulieanneCompany Updates, Diary of a Start-Up

One learns much in the process of launching a start-up and it’s only fair to pass that knowledge on. In a series of interviews and articles written for Startups.co.uk, our very own David Sheridan talks about the very beginnings of Onedox and how it’s destined to become a household name in bill management:

Hear more about:

The idea-generating process, testing various ideas on the real public, creating an MVP on the idea(s) that make the cut and what idea ended up as the Onedox you see on your smartphone today. 

The start-up entrepreneur reveals how his idea to take the headache out of managing household bills became a business:

Meet David Sheridan, our latest start-up diarist. The commercial director and co-founder of Onedox.com, a virtual dashboard for all your household bills, will be posting regular blogs and sharing the key moments, discoveries, and insights gained from life as a start-up founder. Here, David reveals how he and his co-founders got their business idea off the ground…

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