Sit Back, Relax and Save Money

David SheridanElectricity & Gas, Money Saving

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Onedox customers can now overcome the biggest deterrent to saving money on energy bills – a lack of time – by having specific money saving recommendations come to you.

Once you’ve joined for free and simply added your gas and energy credentials to Onedox, we’ll ensure you never again pay more than you need to for gas and electricity. Onedox automatically monitors the tariff and consumption of our customers and in the event that you could be getting a better deal elsewhere, we’ll automatically let you know.

What’s more, we also provide a simple process to enable moving to the correct tariff within ninety seconds. Our customers are already receiving notifications of savings of £575 on gas and energy alone.

With a Onedox account you can sit back, relax and let the savings come to you.

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