Hate managing insurance? You’ll love Onedox

David SheridanCompany Updates, General

We get lots of great feedback from our customers but it’s not all unqualified praise. Here are a few messages we’ve received in the last week alone. Can you spot the theme? [Clue: I love Onedox, I will love it much more once you can support insurance….] “Hi, will you be including insurance soon? It would be useful to see … Read More

Improving Onedox – Account Page Experience

Mark KellieGeneral, Mobile, User Experience

Hello, First off, it’s good to meet you all. I’m Mark and I look after User Experience and Design here at Onedox. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running so with introductions done, I’m excited to announce that today we’re starting to roll out major upgrades to our user experience. Usability and Design improvements We want to make Onedox even … Read More

Onedox selected for 2018 Accenture and Banking FinTech Lab

JulieanneCompany Updates

London-based Ideavate Limited (trading as ‘Onedox’), has been selected to take part in a twelve week FinTech programme starting on January 3rd, 2018. The Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab brings together top FinTechs and major financial institutions looking to identify and incorporate innovative financial technology within their offerings.  Ideavate creates digital solutions to automate household bill management. As showcased through its … Read More

Diary of a start-up: Introducing David Sheridan of Onedox

JulieanneCompany Updates, Diary of a Start-Up

One learns much in the process of launching a start-up and it’s only fair to pass that knowledge on. In a series of interviews and articles written for Startups.co.uk, our very own David Sheridan talks about the very beginnings of Onedox and how it’s destined to become a household name in bill management: Hear more about: The idea-generating process, testing … Read More

The secrets and tough realities behind my start-up fundraising

JulieanneCompany Updates, Diary of a Start-Up

Onedox‘s David Sheridan talks to startups.co.uk about what he’s learned from the world of fundraising a start-up, when to start getting ready, how to prepare and what on earth is involved. Read the full article below and here.  This summer, Onedox, the household admin solving company I co-founded with two others completed its first external investment round. Through a combination of … Read More

Whilst politicians dither, customers should save themselves £127 on energy bills

JulieanneElectricity & Gas, Money Saving

Today’s news that Theresa May is under pressure to act on consumer energy prices represents the latest round in a series of finger pointing without any benefit being delivered to consumers. In the context of UK energy prices at historic highs of £1,0961 per year, it’s more important than ever for consumers to ensure they take action themselves, by moving … Read More

What’s new in 2017?

David SheridanCompany Updates, General

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get organised, and Onedox can help remove the hassle that’s usually associated with household admin. Check out how my Mum is now saving around £1,200 a year on her bills with Onedox! Here’s a few things we’ve been working on at Onedox HQ recently, which can help make saving … Read More

The Onedox Founders Feature in Article by UK Start Up

David SheridanCompany Updates

Courtesy of UK Startup: Onedox is a startup that launched its private beta in June this year. The three founders, with a background in high growth start ups, identified a problem around the management of household accounts and bills. They typically lack transparency and are difficult to manage given they are communicated in a fragmented fashion via such mediums as post, … Read More