The Onedox Founders Feature in Article by UK Start Up

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Courtesy of UK Startup:

Onedox is a startup that launched its private beta in June this year. The three founders, with a background in high growth start ups, identified a problem around the management of household accounts and bills. They typically lack transparency and are difficult to manage given they are communicated in a fragmented fashion via such mediums as post, email, SMS and various online supplier accounts.

The Onedox solution aims to simplify household bill management by automating the collection and display of the consumer’s information into one single, centralised view. As well as automatically collating the data and providing a clearer interpretation of what it means and how it compares month-on-month, the second component of Onedox is to analyse whether the consumer is getting value for money with their existing suppliers.

The interim Competition and Markets Authority report of July 2015 shows that in the UK energy sector alone, 70% of consumers are overpaying by £160 per year because they are automatically moved on to more expensive tariffs once their initial contracts run out. Onedox works on behalf of consumers to identify when this type of activity takes place and to provide them with a simple means of ensuring ongoing value for money across all types of household bills.

Onedox aim to ensure that its customers never pay more than they need to for household bills, and in the event the customer is in danger of paying too much, they will automatically alert the customer and take them through a simple process to ensure they don’t overpay.

The team here at UKSU HQ wish the Onedox team every success with their new business! Take a minute to connect with them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and be sure to take a peek at their website to find out more!

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