The Onedox Product Development Roadmap – Please Cast Your Votes!

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Hello there,

Since Rick, Hugh and I launched Onedox last October, we’ve been getting lots of great individual feedback on how we could make it even easier for you to simplify the hassle around household bills and to stop wasting so much money on them.

We’ve been massively encouraged to see thousands of people who share the pain that led to us starting Onedox, using a solution to make the pain go away!

In that spirit of sharing, we want to make publicly available some of our exciting plans for the upcoming months and what we’ve added to the service recently. This roadmap comes with the major caveat that we can’t guarantee it will accurately reflect the order things will be built in, or when they will be delivered, as we know all too well that things can crop up that mean we have to change our priorities.

It would also be great if you could vote on what features would be most helpful to you 👍 To do so, click on any card of interest then select “vote” on the right hand side.

You can access the roadmap here.

We keep track of and tally all requests that come in via email, but this seems like it may be an easier way to do things. Votes and requests play a big part in what we decide to do next (as a currently small team we can’t work on everything we’d like to, unfortunately, but that will improve shortly!). Again though, this isn’t a totally exact science, so even if water bill support in the Outer Hebrides gets the most votes, we can’t guarantee that will make it to the top of our development roadmap.

Thanks for all of your support. For a more interactive chat and to ask for additional roadmap items please keep talking to us through email ( and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Finally, if you are loving, strongly liking or mildly favourably disposed to Onedox, please let your friends and family know so they can stop wasting time and money too (related note – my Mum is saving £80 a month by no longer being on totally inappropriate energy, Internet, TV and mobile phone tariffs).

Thanks again.

Best wishes,


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