The solution to energy firms treating customers like “chumps”

David SheridanElectricity & Gas, Money Saving


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John Penrose, MP, told the House of Commons on 16th March that the big six energy firms are treating customers like “chumps” by automatically moving them to more expensive standard tariffs once their fixed term deals end. Rather than having their loyalty rewarded, he suggested that they pay [hundreds of pounds] more for staying with the same supplier.

A motion was debated and approved which called on the Government “ consider solutions that recognise that many people lead busy lives and that switching their energy supplier may not always be a high priority.”

Recognising this major problem, which cost UK consumers almost £2 billion in 2015 according to the Competitions and Markets Authority, Onedox has already created a free app, used by thousands of consumers, that:

– automatically monitors whether you are on a good tariff
– automatically lets you know when you should switch, who to and what you would save
– provides a simple and quick way to move supplier or tariff

Setting up a free Onedox account takes a couple of minutes and provides convenient peace of mind to ensure you never get penalised for loyalty, and you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

You can see more detail on the House of Commons debate here. Or for more details about Onedox, check out how it works.

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