Don’t give up David Mitchell!

JulieanneElectricity & Gas

  In this Observer opinion piece, David Mitchell rightly points out the incredible dysfunctionality of the UK energy system: “…the fact that the largest operators in the domestic energy marketplace offer some of the highest tariffs is a lovely demonstration that the forces of market competition aren’t functioning. …to research who’s offering the best price, go through the admin hassle … Read More

Whilst politicians dither, customers should save themselves £127 on energy bills

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Today’s news that Theresa May is under pressure to act on consumer energy prices represents the latest round in a series of finger pointing without any benefit being delivered to consumers. In the context of UK energy prices at historic highs of £1,0961 per year, it’s more important than ever for consumers to ensure they take action themselves, by moving … Read More

The solution to energy firms treating customers like “chumps”

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John Penrose, MP, told the House of Commons on 16th March that the big six energy firms are treating customers like “chumps” by automatically moving them to more expensive standard tariffs once their fixed term deals end. Rather than having their loyalty rewarded, he suggested that they pay [hundreds of pounds] more for staying with the same supplier. A motion … Read More

Are you one of the 12.1 million households affected by the energy price hikes?!

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2017 is getting off to an expensive start for many… as major gas & electricity suppliers have announced price increases that affect 12.1 million UK households!

These increases are to what are known as the “standard variable rate” tariffs which are already some of the worst deals available.

They affect customers of British Gas, E.ON, EDF, nPower, Scottish Power, SSE, First Utility and Co-operative Energy.

And, with these recently announced price hikes, they are set to get far worse… with the prize for worst increases so far going to npower with a 15% increase for electricity!

To beat the hikes you need to switch energy deal which only takes a few minutes thanks to the revolutionary Onedox app.

A happier new year with Onedox

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Based on a case study of his own Mother, Onedox founder David Sheridan offers three simple top tips on using free platform Onedox to save up to £100 a month on household bills in 2017, without having to turn the heating down or switching off the mobile phone. 1. Energy Your energy provider will be able to tell you how … Read More

The least well-off pay the most for energy – Competition and Markets Authority

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Did you know that the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) have recently released the findings of their two year investigation into whether customers are getting a bad deal from energy providers? Probably not, as it was released on Friday June 24th, the same day as the result of the referendum on EU membership. The timing of the release, on a … Read More

It’s official – doing nothing costs us £2.5 billion a year on energy bills

David SheridanElectricity & Gas, Money Saving

The Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) last week released their summary findings into whether the structure of the UK energy market is stifling competition and leading to adverse outcomes for consumers – namely in respect of higher prices than would be the case in a competitive market. The report confirmed that 70% of UK customers of the big six energy firms, are … Read More

Why Big Six Energy Price Reductions Are Irrelevant

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SSE has followed the lead of e.on and announced a 5.3% reduction in the price of gas for domestic customers. This will equate to an average saving of £32 a year. As well as the fact that the price reduction won’t take effect for over two months, it also only applies to customers on standard gas tariffs. In other words, … Read More

Free Electricity For A Year – Winner

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Thank you to everyone who entered our shockingly good competition to win free electricity for a year. The winner of the competition was Prashant Govinde from Loughborough. Prashant is a pre-pay electricity customer on British Gas, and he’ll be getting £600 from Onedox to put towards his 2016 electricity bills. He had this to say:   Congratulations and thanks for using Onedox, … Read More