Two Questions That Could Ensure You Save Hundreds On Household Bills

David SheridanElectricity & Gas, Mobile, Money Saving

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If the answer to either of these two questions is “yes” or “I’m not sure”, you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year on energy and mobile bills!

Are you on a standard rate deal with your energy provider?

Since we launched Onedox, we are helping our customers save, on average, over £300 a year by moving to a better energy deal.

To ensure you are always on a good deal (and not on a standard rate deal), link your dual fuel energy account to Onedox, and we will automatically notify you:

– whenever you are paying too much

– how much you could save; plus

– we’ll help you switch to a new provider within a few minutes

We are partners with Energylinx, the UK’s largest independent price comparison company, to ensure you get access to the widest variety of energy deals on the market.

Has your minimum contract term expired on your mobile phone?

It can be difficult to figure out when a minimum contract term expires or when a handset upgrade is available, especially given mobile contract terms tend to be 24 months.

With the exception of O2’s Refresh scheme, you typically start paying more than you need to once your minimum term expires, if you don’t get a new handset straight away.

That means you should immediately enter into a new deal as soon as you can – whether that means getting a new handset, or alternatively keeping your existing handset and paying hundreds of pounds less a year on a better deal.

To make sure you know when you can get a handset upgrade and when your contract expires, link your mobile account to Onedox and we’ll automatically let you know when you can get an upgrade and when you are out of contract.

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