What types of household accounts does Onedox support?

David SheridanCompany Updates, TV & Landline

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Whilst we get great feedback on the Onedox service from our customers, we’re not ashamed to admit we’re not perfect (not yet, anyway ;-)). We understand that the more types of domestic supplier we support, the more helpful the service becomes for our customers. 

Accounts menu

We’re delighted to announce that one of the most requested account types, TV licence, has now been added.

So, the current list of supported sectors is as follows:

– Energy (gas and electricity)

– Internet, TV & landline

– Streaming services

– DVLA (e.g. tax and MOT information)

– TV licence

– Car insurance

– Home insurance

To complete the set of most requested supplier types, we’re working on water and council tax, and have in fact just started making water support available to our beta team (if you’d like to join the beta team, just email us on info@onedox.com or chat to us in the app!).

If there are other sectors you’d like to see us support, or specific suppliers or features we should be considering, please also let us know. You can also see what else is coming up by taking a look at our public roadmap.



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