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A while back, I noticed an email from an insurance company saying our house insurance had renewed. I happened to mention it to my wife, and she said that was insurance on our last address, which we’d moved out of about eighteen months earlier. We then had one of those “I thought you were sorting that out” conversations.

When it comes to managing household accounts, and cars (it’s not just me that’s accidentally driven around with no current MOT, right?), it’s always felt like a job on top of the day job.

I know deep down that it needs managing. But the last thing I want to do when I get in from work or at the weekend, is to open post, log in to various online accounts to try and make sense of my statements, or ask my wife if she knows our electricity account number and the number to ring so I can listen to that hold music that always breaks up.

Anyone looking forward to a morning on a price comparison website? A filing session maybe?

You get the picture.

With our first child on the way though and time feeling more precious than ever, I decided it was time to grasp the nettle. I needed to remove the angst of managing household bills from my life and ensure we were getting value for money, so we could spend that money on something more important – our first child.

An automated solution

The more people I’ve spoken with about this problem, the more I’ve found it isn’t just me who would really appreciate a proper solution for managing important household bills without wasting time or money on them.

Talking with my friends Hugh and Rick, we started to consider how we could build a solution that would provide a transparent view of what’s going on across our household bills, without it relying on someone needing to do lots of work to manage it.

The key problems we wanted to solve, were to save time, save money and feel better about household bills. I, for one, wanted to get rid of that lingering feeling of overpaying, paying twice or not paying at all.

I also wanted to be able to ensure the same thing wasn’t happening to my Mum and she wasn’t paying, say, £80 a month for some crazy Internet and TV package that she doesn’t want, need or properly understand the details of.

We’ve been working hard on the idea and getting lots of input from friends and family so we could build something that, hopefully, is really valuable to lots of people. We’ve now got to the stage of having a solution that we’re proud of and we’d love for you to use it!

Onedox has now launched!

We’re delighted to say that we’re now ready for people to start using the free Onedox beta service.

If you’re based in the UK and would like to join the beta and start saving time and money on your household bills, then please visit our website at www.onedox.com, have a look around and hit the Join Us button.

To ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience and so we can improve the service based on the feedback we get, we’re sending out invitations on a gradual basis. So, please bear with us once you’ve shown your interest, and we’ll get you set up as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or feedback on the concept or solution, we’d really love to hear it. So, please get in touch via info@onedox.com or the usual social media channels, where you can follow us for all the latest updates on what Onedox is up to.

Oh, and finally, my wife and I since had a beautiful little girl called Isla. She’s now four weeks old and I’m starting to truly appreciate that any ways I can find to save time and money have got to be a good thing!

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