Super simple, yet genius smart…

Getting started with Onedox is as easy as child’s play. Read on to learn how…

1. Connect your utilities in a jiffy

It only takes a few clicks to connect Onedox to your existing online accounts for your household utility suppliers.

You can connect your gas, electricity, TV, internet, landline and mobile phone services and enter your car/vehicle details to get MOT and road tax reminders.

2. Sit back whilst Onedox builds your household Dashboard

Your bills, statements and other details from your accounts are collected securely and automatically by Onedox.

Onedox analyses your tariffs and packages and identifies the key information like contract end dates.

All of this information is presented to you clearly on your household Dashboard.

If you like, you can have also have new bills and documents delivered to you via email and/or synced to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Take control with Onedox doing the hard work

Onedox will automatically remind you about important dates such as your car MOT being due or your mobile phone being due an upgrade.

Your household Dashboard updates itself automatically so the latest information is only ever a few clicks or taps away.

Your gas & electricity tariff and usage will be continuously monitored and Onedox will automatically alert you when you can save money and tell you how much. Onedox makes switching supplier super simple and it only takes a few clicks.


No need to remember log in details for all your individual household accounts.
Graphs illustrate how much you are spending on each service over time.


The security of your data is our highest priority. We use bank-grade encryption to ensure the security of your information.

Coming Soon

We’ve only just got started… our team is working hard to create more great features that help you do away with even more admin hassle. Check out our roadmap

Onedox is designed to work great on all the devices you use: your mobile phone, tablet and desktop/laptop.

Use Onedox in your web browser or install the iOS or Android app.
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