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This site and the Automatic Energy Switching service are owned by Ideavate Limited, trading as Onedox. Ideavate Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 09624882. Our registered office is 3rd Floor, Basildon House, 7 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AF. VAT Registration Number: GB216 8561 00.

Automatic Energy Switching Terms of Service

Version 1.0 effective 01 August 2019

These Terms are in addition to the Onedox Terms of Service.

By signing up to the Automatic Energy Switching service (the “Service”), the account holder (“you”) is entering into an agreement with Ideavate Limited to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any reference in these Terms and Conditions to “we”, “our” or “us” is a reference to Ideavate.

Where we change the Terms and Conditions we will update them on this site accordingly, along with a revised effective date. For any significant changes, we will also notify you by other means, such as via email.

The Automatic Energy Switching Service:

The Automatic Energy Switching service is a free service available to users of the Onedox app. Once you’ve connected your domestic energy supplier(s) to Onedox, and filled in the form with your details and preferences for future switches, Onedox will use this information to create an energy profile for you and carry out regular assessments of providers in the energy market to determine the products or services which are the most suitable for you.

You will be notified each time that your energy supply has been switched to a deal that matches your energy profile. Each switch has a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period so once the switch is initiated, you can choose to cancel it with no penalties.

If no savings or matching offers are available at the time of signing up, you will be notified to this effect, and Onedox will continue to monitor your energy account until it is in such a position to switch.

You will need to create a free Onedox account in order to use the Automatic Energy Switching service, so that our systems can monitor your energy tariff(s). In order to create a Onedox account, you will also need to review and agree to the terms of use for the Onedox service.

If your energy provider is not supported by Onedox for automated data and bill collection, you can still make use of the Automatic Energy Switching service by emailing info@onedox.com with a copy of a recent energy bill.

The Service is provided to you by Onedox free of charge. We generate our revenue by charging providers a commission for each new customer referred by Onedox.

Your Responsibility:

In providing the Service, our switches are made according to the details provided to us by you and the details we obtain from your energy account(s) or bill(s). It remains your responsibility to provide regular meter readings to your energy provider in order to ensure your energy bills are based on actual readings and not estimations.

Once a switch of your energy supply has been commenced on your behalf, it is extremely important that you read and familiarise yourself with the new provider’s terms and conditions and any specific terms and conditions applicable to the new product or service chosen for you. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the new product or service is both suitable for your needs and available on terms which you are willing to agree.

As a subscriber to the Automatic Energy Switching service, you should not seek independently to switch your provider. You may terminate or suspend the Automatic Energy Switching Service at any time and without obligation by contacting Onedox.

You should note that some providers may carry out hard credit searches once you switch. Hard credit searches may adversely affect your credit rating and will be visible to other parties who check your credit file from time to time.

Cancelling a switch:

You will have the opportunity to cancel a switch within the fourteen (14) day cooling-off period after a switch has been initiated. You can exercise your right to cancel during this time by contacting Onedox directly via live chat or by emailing info@onedox.com.

It is important to note that there may be circumstances where a current provider delays or prevents a switch from taking place, such as where it suspects fraudulent activity, if a customer is in debt, or if a customer has a bill outstanding that has been unpaid for twenty-eight (28) days or more.

How we will provide the service: 

We attempt to include all offers that match your Automatic Energy Switching profile through our Ofgem-accredited energy switching partner, Energylinx. We may also take into account other factors such as provider customer service ratings and track records. In addition, offers may exist that we have been unable to identify, for example, without limitation, those not advertised or not made widely available to the public or a particular segment of customers.

Due to these and other factors, we cannot and do not guarantee that the alternative offers we will find will be the cheapest.

The Service does not include:

any payments you must make to third party providers;

sending any messages on your behalf to third party providers, except as may be required to apply for products and services, or the receipt and notification to you of any messages received from third party providers; or

acting as your provider.

To be clear, Onedox will not manage your contract with your new provider. This means that you shall remain solely responsible for complying with the terms of your contract; receiving and paying bills; providing information required by your new provider; and/or other general customer service issues, complaints or queries.

Onedox as your agent:

To allow us to provide the Service you appoint us as your agent and this means that Onedox is permitted to act on your behalf to create legal relationships with third parties or access information held with by third parties regarding your affairs.

As your agent in connection with the Services we will have the following powers:

(a) to apply to your chosen provider for services in your name (including telephoning them on your behalf);

(b) to access information about you which is held by third parties; and

(c) any other powers that we may reasonably require in order to provide the Services.

For all intents and purposes, Onedox is acting as you would act in person.

You agree that when Onedox accesses and retrieves information from third parties relating to you, Onedox is acting as your agent and not the agent of the third party or any other entity.

You agree that third parties can rely on the authorisation of agency granted by you to us and that the Service is not endorsed by any third party providers accessible through the Service. We do not warrant or otherwise guarantee that such third parties permit use of our Service as part of any agreement you have in place with them.

Data Protection

We will only use your Data in order to provide the Automatic Energy Switching Service to you and look at ways in which we can improve the Service.

We treat the security of Data very seriously and have appropriate procedures in place to help protect such information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. More detailed information on how we utilise Data is contained within our Data Privacy Notice.

Limitation of liability

Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of either party or for fraud or for any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law. Subject to this, we do not accept any liability for any losses or damages you may incur:

  • if any content, information, material and/or data provided by you or confirmed by you or in connection with your use of the Services is incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or in any way misleading;
  • in the event that you switch to a provider and/or product or service which does not meet your requirements or is unsuitable for your needs;
  • in the event that a switch request fails or your projected savings prove to be inaccurate because of a change in your circumstances or factors outside our reasonable control;
  • in connection with the terms and conditions applying to any contract entered into by you with a third party (including, but without limitation, any exit, cancellation or early termination charges which you may incur as a result of a switch);
  • as a result of any acts, omissions, errors or defaults of any third party (including, but without limitation, any third party provider to whom you have switched);

Proprietary Rights

You shall indemnify and hold us harmless in the event that any Provider or other third party alleges any breach or takes action against us due to actions linked to your use of the Service, including without limitation relating to copyright infringement or other alleged illegal activities. In the event of a claim under this clause, you shall provide us with all reasonable assistance required by us in order to a) hold us harmless against such claims, liability, damages, expenses and costs and b) ensure that our reputation is not adversely affected.