Fintech solutions for banks and PCWs


We work with forward-thinking partners including banks, price comparison and utility providers, that share our vision for building the next generation of customer experiences.

Automatic bill management platform

  • Features
    • Collects data across 90+ providers in the energy, mobile, home media, car insurance, DVLA, home insurance and travel sectors. One dashboard for viewing bills and key dates.
    • Automatic alerts (new bills) and reminders to act (contract expiry) via email, push, SMS
    • Intelligent assistance taking action: auto-populated switching and checkouts
  • Benefits
    • Help your customers save time, money and hassle by providing them with a free utility for manage household bills more easily.
    • Increase customer engagement, retention and satisfaction.
Case Study: Onedox
  • Ideavate’s D2C web and native app for managing household administration.

    • Connects with 90+ UK providers to automatically collect, present and help consumers with their bills.
    • 100,000+ household accounts managed by customers through the platform ~1.4m documents downloaded
    • The app is rated 4.7 on Google Play and 4.8 on iOS.

Combined utilities and banking platform

Integration with banks directly or via the Open Banking standard

  • Features
    • Uses banking data to identify and create a view of household accounts
    • Optionally incorporate automatically-collected utilities data
    • Reconcile transactions and bills into one view
  • Benefits
    • Give your customers a single view across their banking and utilities data, allowing them to manage their personal finances more easily.
    • Increase customer acquisition engagement, retention and satisfaction.

  • Case Study: Starling + Onedox

    The integration between the Starling Bank and Onedox apps provides a market first; enabling banking customers to see their corresponding utility bill information within their banking app.

    • Single sign on for customers finding Onedox in the Starling Marketplace
    • Customer’s Onedox data including latest bills and available savings displayed within their Starling app account.


    “With the addition of Onedox to our marketplace we’ve taken another big step in helping our customers take control of their money. We are building a banking experience fit for the 21st Century, where the best financial products are available securely in one place.”

    Anne Boden, Starling Bank CEO

    Straling bank

Energy switching management

  • Features
    • Collects and automatically analyses current tariff information
    • Creation of preferences and ongoing switching according to customer requirements:
      • DIY – auto-detection of best deal + customer controlled switching
      • Do it for me – customer sets switching preferences and profile + automatic switch whenever preferences are met.
      • Best of both – customer sets switching preferences and profile. SMS or push notifications triggered when preferences are met + automatic switch upon acceptance of offer.
  • Benefits
    • Removes need to acquire customers more than once. Moves from one-off to subscription-type revenue stream through ongoing mandate.
    • Can be deployed in conjunction with the Automatic bill management platform, the Combined utilities and banking platform, or as a stand-alone proposition.
  • Case Study: Snug

    The newest innovation from Ideavate, Snug is a first-to-market proposition for ongoing management of energy switching:

    • Collects, automatically analyses current tariff information and provides new quotes
    • Allows creation of tailored switching preferences:
      • Auto-detection of best deal, then customer triggers switches; or
      • Customer sets switching preferences and profile, and is automatically switched whenever preferences are met; or
      • Customer sets switching preferences and profile. SMS or push notifications triggered when preferences are met, with switching automatically triggered upon acceptance of offer.

Customised integration

Ideavate propositions are available via APIs or white label.


Our Developer Platform provides a set of APIs and the secure environment for integrations. It makes it easy to harness the power of our unified household data model and embed great user experiences in your own environment.

White label

The automatic bill management, combined utilities and banking, and energy switching management platforms are available as white-label solutions.