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Introducing hands free control of your household bills

How much was my last electricity

Why voice?

Onedox is already the smart way to manage all your household bills, securely, conveniently and for free. But there are situations when using an app or web browser is simply not convenient.

That might be jumping in the car and remembering you have no idea when the tax and MOT are due, or having dropped ‘that’ vase on the kitchen floor wondering if your home insurance policy is still valid (whilst clearing up the pieces)…

Starting with Google Assistant you can get assistance instantly!

Google Assistant is available for free on millions of Android and iOS smartphones + many smart speakers including the Google Home range

Need help getting started?

See our step-by-step instructions for connecting your Onedox account to your Google Assistant

Households are already using Onedox to help manage their bills…

  • Latest bills and history from your providers.
  • Contract end date notifications.
  • Car Tax & MOT reminders.
  • When Onedox can save you money, the app will assist with that process.
  • + much more…

… and Onedox is bringing this to voice

Querying your household accounts by voice allows you to get to that exact answer in seconds, whenever you need it.

Find out about your bills

Ask about your latest bills to help you stay on top of your spending.

Manage your cars with Onedox

Ask about Tax and MOT dates, and when your motor insurance is due for renewal too.

Keep on top of those renewal dates

Check when broadband, mobile, electricity, gas or insurance plans, policies and tariffs end.

Ask if you have any savings

We’ll tell you about any savings as they come up and which account they relate to. Winner!

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